Sunday, June 27, 2010

Soap Crayons Anyone?

Hello everyone. Harley has been using my soap for a while now. It was about a month ago though that he first learnt about soap crayons. He was fascinated with the concept of a soap that he could draw with to wash himself. Since my soap recipe makes a nice hard soap, I thought I might experiment with the concept.

Harley had a nice time going through my soap box about a week ago. He smelt all of the fragrances at least twice until he found the one he wanted. He then chose the colour and has been waiting ever so patiently for me to get time to make it for him. I thought I would share my first attempt and let you all know whether it works out or not.

I started off with my basic soap mixture. It was listed in my Mango Scented Soap blog which was the second blog I wrote for anyone who doesn't have the recipe. Harley wanted a Mad Melon scent that smelt a little like a honeydew melon. He also wanted it to be coloured green to match the scent. I decided to use an ice block tray as my mould for the soap crayons as I had plenty of them hanging around here.
This ice cube tray is designed to make ice cubes that fit in water bottles. It is the perfect length for little hands to be able to get a good grip.
This is how it looks with the mad melon soap in it. It is much greener than the picture shows and I hope it will darken as it dries out. I didn't worry about cleaning it up too much. When I un-mould it, the soap is still pliable so I should be able to roll them on a board to smooth the soap crayons out.
The mixture made more than one lot of soap crayons though so I put the remainder in my wooden soap mould. I didn't want to do too many crayons initially as I don't know if they will work or not yet.
Since this is a normal water based mixture, it needs to be insulated. This is my first chance to use the lid of my soap box to see if it works properly.
This is an updated picture of the goats milk soap I made a couple of weeks ago. It had a vanilla scent and oatbran added for it's soothing properties. As it has dried though, the areas where the vanilla is strongest are gradually going darker. This is a natural property of vanilla and I expected the soap to darken. I didn't expect the pretty patterns though so each bar is now totally unique.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my adventures and I will keep you all updated on the soap crayon experiment.

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  1. Janine, as you know I made your Goats Milk Soap. Can I tell you that is the most DIVINE soap ever, and I've already got orders from family and friends for more. I think I'll be setting up shop! Thankyou again for your wonderful concise intstructions. I couldn't have done it without you.