Monday, June 14, 2010

Goats milk soap un-moulded!!

I have had the goats milk soap on my dining table for 2 days now. It started firming up in my new mould within the first couple of hours but I have had a very busy weekend. I finally got around to looking at it last night. Here is how it looked after I undid the side hinges and the sides and ends fell away.
It was so easy to get the soap out of the mould this time. After the sides came down, it was a simple matter of peeling the baking paper away from the edges.
Here is an image of the soap on my cutting board. The baking paper has been totally peeled away from the sides and ends. I just need to peel it away from the base now.
The soap is now ready to cut. The baking paper peeled away from the base really easily and only took a few seconds. Much easier than trying to wrestle the soap out of a plastic mould.
I always love the first cut in a block of soap. It is very satisfying.
I got some new stacking racks on the weekend. I have put them to good use for soap drying. I have decided though, after cutting this batch of soap, that I need to make a cutting box. This will ensure that all of the cuts are even. It will make the soap bars more uniform in size and ensure that I get consistent results from my soap making.
Here is the image of the 2 levels of soap. It will take up so much less room on my table. This block of soap made 17 bars and they are all a good size. I then filled up the rack with some lime soap I made about 3 weeks ago as it hasn't finished drying properly. I was going to use these racks for biscuits and cakes but they are actually more valuable for soap. I have soap sitting on my dining table constantly so, being able to stack the racks up, leaves more room on the table for eating and cooling my cooking.

Harley has expressed an interest in soap crayons this weekend. The next update will be of a batch of soap made into the crayons. He is planning on making a batch of soap today and putting some into ice-cube moulds to make a crayon shape. Will let you all know how they turn out.

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