Sunday, December 19, 2010

More Christmas sewing

I have still been busy this week with my Christmas projects. I had a present to make for an almost 3 year old friend. She has an older brother and an older sister who both go to school. I have been watching this gorgeous little girl coming to school for most of the last term with a gigantic backpack on her back, just like her siblings. It was only a normal sized one of course but it was almost bigger than the child!! This sparked a light bulb to go off in my head and I then searched the net for a fantastic and easy childs backpack. I found this pattern for a very cute little backpack that doesn't have zips for little hands to get caught on. It probably only took a couple of hours all up as I was trying to understand the steps so was taking it slow. It will be quicker next time though. Here is how it turned out.
Front view of childs' backpack

I used a Fairy Flowers fabric I found in the furnishing fabric section of Spotlight. I also chose to sew on some velcro as a closure to keep her special things secure.
Back view of the backpack showing the straps.

I have now wrapped this up and included 2 matchbox cars with the present as this little girls is constantly playing with Harleys' cars when she comes over. I wanted her to have a couple of cars that were just hers.

I have also been sewing for Harley this week. I decided this year to get him used to getting clothes as part of his Christmas present. I have started small with just 1 new outfit but will slowly build it up to include things like socks, jocks and new pj's. I have made him a new shirt at the moment and will make some pants to go with it. He loves bright and colourful clothing, especially Hawaiian style shirts. Here is part of his Christmas present.
Hawaiian shirt for Harley    

I was looking for a good shirt pattern for ages. I ended up finding this one online through this site which offers both free patterns as well as those that can be purchased. I bought this pattern in combination with a pants pattern and hooded t-shirt pattern for just over $20. They also came with patterns designed to be doll sized so that the children can match their toys if they want. Well worth the money and I just printed the pattern out and stuck the pieces together.

I will work on the pants this week so I can wrap this present up. I also want to see if I can make a new shirt for myself to wear on Christmas day too.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas preparation

I have been very busy working lately so have let the blog slip. This month, I have also been stocking up on my soap as I was getting low due to lots of birthdays. I have made sweet orange, tangerine and spearmint soaps in the last 2 weeks. I also want to make some more mango soap as I have used all of my first batch. I was also knitting lots of slippers in July and August.

This month, I have been making tote bags and purses. It was originally to donate to my sons' school for their fete. I have also made them for Christmas presents. Here are some pictures of them.

Reversible tote bags with matching purses. The inside fabric of the purses match the inside fabric of the bags.

Reversible tote bags which are a present for 2 little girls I know.
This reversible tote bag is just for me as I loved this butterfly material!!

This reversible tote bag with a matching pencil case was made for Harleys' teacher. The apple lining fabric is just gorgeous and perfect for a teacher present.

Reversible tote bag and pencil case for Harleys' second main teacher.

Reversible apron for another little friend or mine.
 Most of my Christmas presents are going to be home made for Christmas this year. It has mostly revolved around bags, purses, aprons and soap. I have also been knitting dishcloths to go with the soap, just haven't taken a picture yet.

These are the blogs where I have gotten information from. The first is for the purse and I got the tote bag tutorial here. I love the Skip to my Lou blog as the tutorials are always so easy to follow.