Sunday, March 14, 2010

Craft update

I just thought I would give a brief update tonight. I have been very busy lately. University has started again for me so I am spending a lot of time reading. I have also started writing assignments so there is not a lot of time for craft.

I have been using my dehydrator a lot lately. I have been drying apples that Harley and I picked from trees by the side of the road. Tonight I am experimenting with drying pears from my sisters' trees too. I have more of these left so, if they turn out okay, I will dry a lot more. I love the convenience of dried food. After the fruit has been dried, I plan to start drying vegetables too.

I have also been making more soap (of course!!) and will post pictures of my latest projects in the next couple of days. To go with the soap, I have also been knitting soap holders from a pattern called Dropped Stitch Soap Sack.

They are so quick and easy. I am using one myself at the moment and they work really well in the shower. Even Harley loves them.

My latest major project is a blanket to keep me warm in winter. I am crocheting large granny squares which will be sewn together and edged to make a knee rug. I have done 4 squares so far and will post pictures in a couple of days when I have sewn some of them together. Will update later.

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