Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I have set up this blog to record my craft endeavours. I have decided to have a year of simplicity. To do this, I have stopped purchasing packaged foods and have decided to bake everything from scratch. My son, Harley, started school this year so I need to be organised and bake enough snacks to keep him going through school and beyond.

I am a single mother who is studying full time. I have one semester to go until I finish a double degree in primary education and science so it will be a full on 6 months to finish it all. On top of this will be the usual school and family committments.

I have decided that I will make all of the presents I give this year. I can cook, preserve produce and make jams and pickles, sew, knit, crochet and make my own cards. I have also just started exploring soap making which I am really enjoying at the moment. I have actually made a batch of soap today and plan to post a step by step tutorial in the next post for a cyber friend from a forum I belong to

I am planning on using this blog as a visual diary of all the projects I am working on. I shall record the projects I make so that I can remember what I have made and, whether it is successful, so I know how to plan my present giving for the future. More to come!!

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